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The website is currently under reconstruction and should be functioning fully by 11/11/2014. If you would like to order a CD before then, please use the email address on the contact page and I will send you a Paypal invoice.

Whether you are a military vehicle collector, modeler or just interested in history. Easy 1 Productions provides high quality reproductions on compact disc of WWII Technical Manuals for armor, vehicles and ordnance.   Come back often as the sample scans will be changed on a monthly basis.  Also, please check at the bottom of the page for a bonus scan.

I am often asked about the quality of the images on the CDs.  All scans are made as .jpgs at 400dpi, the images are then
reduced to fit the average monitor.  I do not convert to .pdf, image quality suffers in this format.  Samples on the website
have been reduced in size to save bandwith.  Comments from a satisfied customer:

       "I have many of your CDs but I saw one on ebay a couple of weeks ago and took a chance on it. Mistake! It was of
        TM 9-1710C for the Halftrack bodies (I have your 9-1710) and thought it would fit the bill for what need. You see I
        fabricate models from scratch in 1/24 scale and need as much body construction and detail as I can possibly get
        (most especially any frame illustrations) so I ordered this other CD. It would have been perfect, the photos and
        illustrations were exactly what I needed. The problems were with the use of Adobe formating, poor scan quality,
        faded original material, and copy and pictures that curved and distorted due to the book's spine. In short, it was a
        million miles from the quality that I'm so used to with your CDs. Well, never again. If you don't offer the TM I'm
        looking for then from now on I'll just wait until you do."

Payment in the USA can be made by CC thru Paypal (Paypal ID is my email address), MO or check, cash at your own risk.
Outside of the USA payment can be made by Paypal (Paypal is preferred), International Money Order or cash in US dollars
at your own risk. Paypal, MO or cash ship within less than 48. hrs. of receipt, usually the same day.