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T002 TM 9-731A, early M4 and M4A1 Shermans. CD has 396 pages with over 490 scans and 18 original interior pictures.  Also includes TM 9-1751 Engine manual and a Ft. Knox manual on the M-2 75mm gun. $20US.

T005 TM 9-759, Medium Tank M4A3, contains the 268 page manual with over 335 scans with a small folder of period WWII photos and 152 photos of the exterior and interior of a restored M4A3.  Also includes two Ft. Knox WWII manuals on the M4A3 and the M-2 75mm gun. $20US.

T014 Two M36 manuals, TM 9-745 and TM 9-748 on the 90mm gunned Tank destroyers, M36B1 and M36B2 based on the M10 and M4A3 chassis. Contains 85 photos of a restored M36s and 31 scans from the parts manual.  $20US

T015 TM 9-749 Motor Gun Carriage, 105mm Howitzer, M7B1, Priest contains the 382 page manual and 15 photos of the restored Priest at the Liberty Museum in Hubbard, OH. Also included are FM 9-575, Auxiliary Fire Control instruments, FM 6-74, Service of the Piece and FM 6-105 Armored Division Artillery. $20

T029 TM 9-747, 155-mm Gun Motor Carriage M40 and 8-in. Howitzer Motor Carriage M43, 365 page manual with 465 scans. Also contains 46 scans from the illustrated parts catalog with 83 photos of preserved M40s.  $20

T039 TM 9-751, M12 GMC and M30 Cargo Carrier, 310 page manual with 419 scans. Also contains TM 9-345, 155mm Gun Material, M1917 and M1918, two manuals on fire control instruments and 56 photos of a preserved M12,  $20

T042 TM 9-738, Tank Recovery Vehicles M32, M32Ba, M32B2, M32B3, and M32B4. 154 page manual with 225 scans.  Includes 19 scans from the ORD 9, SNL G-185/187, the M32 parts manual. Also includes 20 photos of the M32 at Ft. Knox and a post-war manual from the Armored School on Vehicle Recovery and Field Expedients.  $20

T046 TM 9-739, T2 (M31) Tank Recovery Vehicle, 196 page manual with 289 scans. Includes a post-war manual from the Armored School on Vehicle Recovery and Field Expedients. $20

T048 TM 9-731B, M4A2, 403 page manual with 491 scans. Also contains a manual on the M-2 75mm gun and 106 photos of preserved M4A2s $20

T049 TM 9-750, M3 Medium (Lee), 157 page manual with 207 scans. Includes 215 photos of preserved and restored Lees and Grants.  Also includes TM 9-307 the 75mm gun mounted in the M3 and a 67 page training manual on the 37mm gun from Ft. Knox.  $20

T055  Tank Mounting Bulldozers, two manuals included TM 9-719, M1 and M1A1, for the Sherman and TM 9-723, M3 for the M46.  $10

T056  TM 9-752A 3-inch GMC M10, 185 page manual with 218 scans.  Includes 42 scans from SNL G-130 the M10 parts manuals and 27 images of restored M10s and different locations.  $10

T066 TM 9-731AA, Medium Tank M4 (105mm howitzer) and Medium Tank M4A1 (76mm gun), 401 page manual with 492 scans.  $20

T067 TM 9-754, Medium Tank M4A4, 479 page manual with 542 scans. It also includes over 100 photos of M4A4s at various locations, A Ft. Knox Armored School manual on teh 75mm gun and TM 9-1750F on the engine.  $20