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T003 TM 9-325, US 105mm howitzer, contains a 235 page manual with over 270 scans. Also included are over 45 original photos of the 105 at the Ft. Sill Artillery Museum and The Victory Museum in Auburn, IN. Also included is FM 6-75, Service of the Piece and TM 9-575 Auxiliary Fire-Control Instruments. $20US.

T006 TM 9-252, 40mm Bofors, contains the 301 page manual with 424 scans and
115 photos of restored Bofors. Also, contains FM 4-102, Employment of Antiaircraft Weapons and 90 scans from the parts manual. $20US.

T008 TM 9-331 155mm Howitzer contains the 204 page manual with 297 scans, 15 photos from period unit histories, 7 color scans of ammo canisters and propellant bags, 12 photos of auxiliary artillery equipment, 25 photos of the 4.5 in gun (same carriage, different tube) at Ft Sill and 21 of a how. preserved in Wisconsin, plus the 155 page field manual, FM 6-81, Service of the Piece. $20

T015 TM 9-749 Motor Gun Carriage, 105mm Howitzer, M7B1, Priest contains the 382 page manual and 15 photos of the restored Priest at the Liberty Museum in Hubbard, OH. Also included are FM 9-575, Auxiliary Fire Control instruments, FM 6-74, Service of the Piece and FM 6-105 Armored Division Artillery. $20

T016 TM 9-350, Two versions of the manual on the 155mm Gun, "Long Tom", Early war dated May 11, 1942 on the M1, 157 pages and Late Ware dated May 7, 1945 on the M2, 248 pages. Also includes FM 6-90, Service of the Piece and TM 9-575 Auxiliary Fire Control Instruments. $20

T018 TM 9-732B, 75-mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 contains the 319 page manual. $20

T020 TM 9-372, 90-mm Gun M2 and Antiaircraft Mount M2 contains the 312 page manual with over 410 scans. Also contains FM 4-27, Service of the Piece. Included are 77 pics of a restored 90mm gun. All images are also available in a slide show format. $20

T022 TM 9-341, 240-mm Howitzer Material M1 contains the 280 page manual with over 375 scans, also included are TM 9-771 Crane M2 with Trailer, 271 pages with over 340 scans, and TM 9-575 Auxiliary Fire Control Instruments. Also 33 photos of the 240mm preserved at Ft. Sill. All image are also available in a slide show format. $20.00

T029 TM 9-747, 155-mm Gun Motor Carriage M40 and 8-in. Howitzer Motor Carriage M43, 365 page manual with 465 scans. Also contains 46 scans from the illustrated parts catalog with 83 photos of preserved M40s.  $20

T039 TM 9-751, M12 GMC and M30 Cargo Carrier, 310 page manual with 419 scans. $20

T051 Light Artillery and Anti-Tank Guns, currently contains TM 9-1320 75mm Pack, TM 9-326 105-mm Howitzer M3, TM 9-1245 37mm AT, TM 9-1322 3-in Gun M5 and FM23-75 57mm AT Gun and a Canadian copy of the parts catalog, SNL C-36 for the 57-mm Gun. Also, over 115 photos of the different pieces.  $20

T059  TM 9-333 Ammunition Trailer M10, 64 page manual with 90 scans.  $10

T071  M55 Quad .50 and Trailer, contains TM 9-223 Multiple Machine Gun Mount M45, TM 9-789 Trailer, Mount, M20, SNL G221 parts manual for the Trailer 2-Ton. 4-wheel and FM 4-157 Service of the Piece.  Plus 65 photos of a restored Quad.  $10

T076 TM 9-330 155mm Howitzer M1917, M1918, 206 page manual.  $15