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The BTM series of discs focus on technical manuals for British and Commonwealth vehicles and ordnance of WWII. 

BTM 001  The 25-pounder, 98 page manual, with over 25 illustrations and includes information on the Bishop and Sexton.  Also contains a pamphlet "Directions for the Use of Artillery Instruments" and 24 photos of an unrestored Sexton.  $15

BTM 002 Armoured Car A.E.C.  Mk.III AC, 256 page manual with over 400 scans.  Also includes a crew maintenance pamphlet, stowage diagrams and a signal equipment card on wireless stations No. 19 for the Churchill and A.E.C.  $20

BTM 003  Canadian Military Pattern vehicles.  Contains two manuals covering the Chevrolet and Ford Canadian Military Pattern Vehicles, with a folder containing 42 photos of a restored Chevy CMP and a 1941 pamphlet on vehicle markings.  $20

BTM 004  Bedford trucks, contains two period WWII manuals, the first covering the MW, OX and OY, the second covering only the OY.  $20

BTM 005 Scammell, maintenance manual and instruction book for the heavy artillery, breakdown and transporter tractors.  Almost 550 scans of a 500 page manual.  $20

BTM 006 Ford Universal Carriers contains the 384 page illustrated parts manual covering the different variants of the Ford production Loyd, Windsor and T16 Universal Carriers with 86 photos of the three different carriers.  $20

BTM 007 W.O.T. Trucks contains two manuals on the #2 and #3.  Strictly maintenance manual, not of much use to modelers.

BTM 008 Churchill, 85 page Driver's handbook, dated June, 1943 with great illustrations.  Instruction book on the Carrier, Churchill, 3 in. Gun and a signal equipment card on wireless stations No. 19 for the Churchill and A.E.C.  Also contains 56 photos of a Crocodile and 150 photos of a Churchill  $20

BTM 009 Austin Lorry 3-ton, 204 page Maintenance and Instruction Book, June, 1945  $15

BTM 010 Comet November, 1945 manual over 200 pages, well illustrated.  $20

BTM 011  Crusader AA, contains three manuals on the Crusader AA I, II and III with
manuals on the Oerlikon gun and the Crusader Gun tractor.  $20

BTM 012 British Early War Tanks, contains manuals for the A9-A10, A13, Infantry Tanks Mk.I, Mk.II and Mk.III.  $20

BTM 013 Humber Mk. I. 220 page Instruction Book and 27 photos of a Mk. IV.  $20

BTM 014 Otter AC, Maintnence Manual Light Reconnaissance Car, Canadian, 538 pages with 10 separate stowage diagrams.  $20